Unlike regular online casinos, Live casinos strive to make the experience feel as fluid and as real as possible, just as though you were sitting at the table yourself. There is a large verity of live casinos to choose from, below we will go over some of the top online live casino developers. It is worth noting that as with most things in competitive industries, the difference at the top is not huge. Any casino supplied with the software from any of the below developers will likely be an enjoyable experience for any players.

Note that below we will be looking at the live casino software developers and not live casinos themselves.

Medialive Casino

Medialive is a software developer specializing in live dealer games, with a narrow point of focus, this leads to fantastic quality in the end product. Short of VR this may be the closest experience to actually being in the casino that one could get. Media live is also no stranger to range; I am yet to find a popular casino game that they do not offer in their extensive portfolio. A great experience from start to finish.


Considered to be the forefront of the online casino revolution, Microgaming is no small name in the scene. While having a massive following in typical online casinos, they are no stranger to live game software as well. Constantly pushing the barriers of technological progress, Microgaming was the first company to introduce a VR (Virtual Reality) casino environment in 2016 and have managed to only improve on it since then. While they may not be the biggest software developer for live gaming, you can rest assured that any live casino using Microgaming software is bound to be an excellent experience. If you do have the chance to try their roulette in VR, I would highly recommend it.


While Evolution has been a big name on their own, their recent acquisition of NetEnt has pushed them to be perhaps the biggest name in the business. While Evolution quality is great, it does not particularly stand out from the top dogs of the industry. Range, however, is where they win most points. With an incredibly wide selection of live dealer games available to a casino, they have the ability to supply a truly one stop shop for all of your potential live casino needs.


A newer player to the field but not one to be taken lightly, Ezugi has been setting the trend of having well rounded, easy to use and stable software for most modern games a live casino could want to supply. With the added advantage of some side bets other software developers have not yet supplied. So Far Ezugi has been supplying great software with only a brighter future ahead.

Final Thoughts

There are many other software developers not mentioned here, these are just a basic few that should give you an introduction to the industry of live casino software development.