Baccarat can be a great game to play online. Unlike land-based casinos, Baccarat online has a very manageable buy in and some have a great return potential. While some of the tips below will be advice on a strategy, always know your own strategy well and have fun while playing Baccarat.

Who To Bet On

This is the most strategy related advice in the article. While most people would generally recommend betting on the banker as the banker has a slightly higher chance of winning, we would recommend considering the banker commission before doing this.

Depending on the online casino you chose, the banker bet commission could tip the tables in regards to which would potentially be more profitable. My personal opinion is that it is safer to bet on the player, if we ignore the tie option, the banker will usually have a 2% higher chance of winning, but when the player wins your payout will usually be 5% more. This can vary between different online casinos although in my opinion the player bet is usually safer.

Stick To Strategy

No matter the strategy you choose, be it only to bet on banker, martingale or any of the plethora of strategies available. While at the table, stick to it. It is always advised to make small adjustments to any strategy, make the strategy work for you. However, while still in a game, stay on one strategy and don’t deviate. For you to get an accurate representation of the performance of a strategy, you need to play it out and give your strategy time to work for you. Changing strategy after a loss is one of the biggest mistakes a beginner can make in any game.

Know The Game

While Baccarat is actually a very simple game, it is worth refreshing on all of the rules and actions. Baccarat can become more complicated depending on your chosen strategy, so make sure you have the basics of the game down to an art before trying to implement your strategy.

Know The Casino

While the 5% commission for bets on the banker is the common norm, the percentage will often vary, climbing all the way to above 20%. Look up the commission and odds of a particular casino before playing. We are fortunate in having a wide variety of casinos to choose from, find the best one for yourself. When choosing a casino for online Baccarat, the commission isn’t always the most important thing. Be sure to look into the bonuses a casino offers, sometimes the sign up bonuses may be worth a lot more than you would potentially lose to a percentage difference in commission.

Final Thoughts

No Strategy is every perfect, Practice as much as you can to find the right strategy for you. Know when to end your session, as money management is extremely important in any form of gambling. Lastly, don’t stress about the small losses, it’s all in part of learning to play the game better.