The Ryder Cup is a golfing event that has been going since 1927. Initially it was a showdown between American and United Kingdom golfers, and was fiercely contested by the best each region had to offer. It took a break during the Second World War, but continued on again afterwards, bigger and more competitive than ever before. It continues until this day, being played every second year, and has become one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

Although the Ryder Cup has remained largely unchanged at the core for the entire time it has been running, one major event occurred in the 1970s. The Ryder Cup had started to gain a reputation of dominance by American golfers, and many felt that the competitive nature of the event was starting to wane. Hence, in 1979 the tournament expanded to include European countries. This was a turning event for the Ryder Cup, and there was much excitement as new golfers from previously unrepresented countries made their appearances. The Ryder Cup has kept this expanded roster format, and remains as such in modern times.

Ryder Cup Betting

The Ryder Cup has a reputation for being extremely popular in terms of sports betting. It is so popular, in fact, that many online golf betting bookmakers prepare well in advance for the influx of bets they know will occur during the course of the Ryder Cup. Many websites even make it a prestigious event, changing the themes of their pages to more golf orientated design, in hopes of drawing more Ryder Cup focused bet makers.

The traditional focus of the Ryder Cup by bet makers was a sense of competition between countries. Traditionally United States and United Kingdom golf fans would take a stance of good natured patriotism, betting on their countries champion to win. As the years advanced, however, the bet making scene has advanced, with bet makers from around the world taking part in the action. It is now standard for online bookmakers to include betting options for the Ryder Cup around the world, regardless if the country has a player in the event or not.

Golf Betting Options

Golf betting has a number of different options, but most tend to simply bet on who they think will be the winner in any given showdown. There are, however, interesting betting options that at first seem a bit bizarre. Some bookmakers allow bets to be placed on how often a player will land up in the sand trap, or lose their ball in a water hazard. There are also, of course, betting options on how many holes in one will be landed over the course of the tournament, which is a surprisingly popular betting option.

For those ore traditional bet makers, however, the standard betting option are still available. Bets may be placed on which player will advance in a showdown, but also more focused bets allow predictions of how well the player will perform. At most sports betting sites bets may be placed on if a player will be under par, over a par, achieve a birdie, or other such  performance levels.