Although not yet in the major league of well-known gaming developers, Swedish-based Quickspin Games Studio is fast-becoming a name to be reckoned with in the online casino sector, with every one of its new gaming titles attracting more players and creating further exposure and awareness of the brand.

These up-and-coming gaming developers, unlike well-established brands, try harder to make a name for themselves, putting in more effort into each gaming piece to create more of a fan following – and this in itself is one of the advantages of trying out this developer off the bat. Try out its Supernova slot game.

Different Modes of Play to Experience

Quickspin caters for slot players across the board, from beginners to professionals, players who enjoy quick try-outs of multiple games, those who seek free money play, players who seek real money play, high bidders and penny slot players. When in real play, players can choose from a selection of betting options available on the Supernova game. Coin values and pay lines can be adjusted quickly and easily using the buttons on the screen.

Out of This World Theme

This online slot game packs in different space objects, as well as light patterns and wormholes. Every colour, shape, fine detail, layout design, interface look and feel, symbol character, reel grid, visuals, sound effects, background soundtrack and other in-game elements have been designed to work together to create a space concept. And in every aspect, this theme featured on the Supernova slot delivers as it immediately immerses clients in and keeps them locked into the virtual reels for hours.

An Overview of Game Apparatus

On the screen, players can view a reel grid set atop a large visual of starry skies in all its twinkly blues and purples. Moving in front of the grid, players can become familiar with the many details symbols on the reels.

Marvelling at these reel supernovas, slot players will see the orange and blue fireball symbols, as well as a green fireball. Light patterns form part of the selection of reel symbols and some appear twisted while other light symbols are seen in a twist. There are three reels in the game and 27 pay lines. A simple set-up on the Supernova slot provides an easy start to slots for beginners, as well as a refreshing break for slot pros who need to take a breather after spending too much time on overly complicated slots.

Pay-outs are from left to right and just like real money gaming on other casino games, the higher the wager placed per spin, the higher the pay-out. Real money versions (like AUD pokies) and free play versions of the popular Supernova slot are available for download or instant play at most online casino websites.

Multiplier Feature

Every gaming developer sets out to create their unique mark or in-game feature that no other game has. One of the fun facets of Quickspin is its Multiplier Feature. This takes the generic multiplier symbol generally found accompanying free spins to a whole new level. Instead of coming with only one value and only multiplying the win once, this feature on the Supernova slot goes on and on and on until the wormhole stops the bonus rounds.