Net Entertainment’s Steam Tower Touch has a steam-punk theme, set after the industrial revolution in the Victorian era during the 19th Century. Begin the adventure by climbing the main steam tower, where a fierce fire-breathing dragon guards a lovely princess who must be rescued.

Dragons in the Victorian era? While not being true to history, it does give an added sense of excitement and adventure to this US-friendly touch slots online casino game.

Playing Steam Tower Touch Slot

Load Steam Tower Touch directly from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. The game begins in a Free Spins round. The aim is to climb the steam tower, which pops up as soon as you enter this round. There is a Multiplier that increases each time you reach a higher floor. Once you’ve managed to reach the top floor, you now need to now save the princess too. When you save her, you receive a top floor bonus win and an x7 multiplier for your efforts. In this game it definitely pays to be the hero!

This video slot has five reels, three rows and 15 bet lines. Steam Tower Touch also features extras like Stacked Wilds with additional Free Spins, along with increasing Multipliers.

Controls for Steam Tower Touch

Use quick spin to turn quick play mode on and off. Animations, sound effects and ambient sound can also be turned on and off. Set the graphics quality to high, medium or low. The spacebar can be set as the key to spin the reels using the Keyboard shortcut. The game history is only available when playing with real money.

Personalize the Game

Like in most slots available online here, the settings can be adjusted to your personal preferences. Do this by clicking the four icons at the bottom left of the game screen.

Turn the sound on or off by using the speaker icon. The question mark icon accesses the Help menu. The wrench icon allows you to access and adjust the following settings where possible: fast spin, ambient sound, sound effects, and game history (not available for practice games).

Also, let’s wager in the fun factor of this slot. It’s exciting to climb up the tower to save the princess, especially with the multipliers increasing as you do.

Wild Symbols

In the main game, one or more Stacked Wilds covering the whole reel will activate the Free Spins round, and this is where the game ascends to the first floor. One or more Wilds appearing anywhere on the reels during Free Spins will give you two more Free Spins, and the game ascends to the next floor, and so on. Now you see how you can climb up the tower with every spin until you reach the top floor (and there are 16 of them).

Bet Line Multipliers

During Free Spin rounds, all bet line wins are multiplied by the Multiplier and are shown in the Multiplier Meter, located on the side of the screen. The Multiplier Meter is updated before each Free Spin, and the value of the multiplier depends on which floor you’re on.  When you reach the top floor, you’ll be rewarded with 1000 coins multiplied by the bet level.

At the end of all the Free Spins, the game returns to the ground floor in the main game and the Multiplier is reset.