Easter Eggs, powered by Play ‘n Go, is a beautifully designed online slot machine game. The graphics are bright and cheerful, while a delightful interactive soundtrack accompanies play. It uses the standard rules of slot machines, requiring the player to place a wager, after which the reels are spun. The icons showing when the reels have stopped determine the matching sequences, if any.  Multiple lines of the display can be bet on, up to twenty, which opens more winning opportunities, but costs more per spin. This game can be played on mobile device or home computer, and may be played for free or for real money. If playing for real money, please be sure your active account is open and funds are available.

Easy User Friendly Interface

This slot machines game has been designed for easy interaction on a https://onlinecasinogames.co.nz/mobile/ device. The interface is optimised for maximum compatibility on a touch screen, and all buttons are activated with a single tap. The current account balance may be seen at the bottom left, while the current bet, and number of lines bet on, is directly to the right of it. These values may be changed via the plus and minus buttons. Remember, the more lines bet on mean a higher chance of winning. At the bottom right is the spin button, which triggers one manual spin, and beside it a bet max button, that increases the bets to the highest possible amount. To the right are the playtable and auto play buttons. The playtable button will show all the possible winning combinations, while the auto play button spins the reels automatically, without the player having to click spin. The option is also given as to when the auto play sequence should stop, for example, if a major win is achieved.

Easter Eggs Bonus Icons

The standard icons are one to ten, plus jack, queen and king at online casino. The icons must be matched with each other to create sequences, from the left, and payouts will be given. The golden Easter egg is the wild symbol, and may be matched as a substitute with other icons. Hence, a golden egg plus two nines will make a set of three nines. The scatter symbol is the basket of eggs, and if matching will trigger the bonus game, in which the player must pick an egg in order to potentially receive big bonus payouts. Each egg opened can grant another free pick, and if three eggs are opened, a fourth, more valuable egg may be selected.

Gamble Mini-Game

When getting a winning sequence in Easter Eggs, the player is given the chance to gamble, and possibly increase the total. This can be done by clicking the gamble button to the left of the spin button. A window will open, and the player must guess the colour or suit of a face down card. Guessing colour will give even money on the original total, while guessing the suit will give four times the original total. This game may me player more then once, consecutively, which further increases the winnings.