Mobile casino platforms have expanded exponentially over the last numerous years as mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have become increasingly popular. The move away from land-based and even traditional online casino platforms and the development of mobile casino platforms has had an effect on how people perceive casino games and how they play them.

The term ‘mobile online pokies’ refers specifically to the mobile online video slot games in a New Zealand context, where slot games are referred to as pokies.

Benefits of Going Mobile

As said, there has been a shift on how players access their casino games, and the rise of mobile has had a huge effect on this. For example, with the move to mobile online platforms the casino world has become more immediately accessible and therefore far more convenient than traditional casino playing methods. Players are no longer restricted to their home offices in order to access traditional online casino platforms, and they do not have to travel long distances in order to get to land-based casinos.

The mobile casino platform has made pokies more accessible and more immediate. Players can choose where they wish to play their mobile online pokies, regardless of whether this may be at home, on the bus, or during a weekend getaway. They can also choose when they wish to play, and can enjoy hours of fun at home in the evenings as well as a few minutes in a game here and there while waiting for meetings, consultations or transportation during their working day.

The accessibility of the mobile online pokies has opened up the gaming world to a whole new market of players that are always on the move.

Convenience of Access

Mobile online pokies can be accessed in two primary ways, both of which enhance the convenience and both of which offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The first way players can access mobile online pokies is through their internet browser that comes pre-installed with their smart phone or tablet device, though some players may also choose to download an additional browser of choice. These mobile online pokies are generally Flash-based games that do not have to be downloaded on to the mobile device, making them hassle-free and quite light on data usage. Players will only need to pay for the data they use while playing.

These in-browser games can be stand-alone games, which then more often than not are free games that merely give players a taste of the actual mobile online pokies game, or they can come as part of a mobile casino platform, where players will need to sign up to create an account and play for real money.

Alternatively, mobile online pokies can be accessed as downloadable apps from within the mobile device’s app store. In this case, the app is generally a downloadable version of the mobile casino platform. It gets downloaded to the smart phone device once, and players can sign up to create an account, link their details, and then stay logged in. Here, New Zealand players can access their chosen mobile online pokies game quickly and easily without having to wait for the game to load as is the case in the Flash-based in-browser games.