Casino du Liban is located in Maameltein, Jounieh in Lebanon. It sits 22 kilometres north of Beirut, and is well known for drawing upper class gamblers from around the world. With an enormous casino area, on-location entertainment and highly popular restaurants, guests to the casino can expect to be dazzled by magnificence. Keep in mind, however, that the casino’s reputation for catering to upper class also means that services are expensive and gambling table bet limits unusually high.

Casino Facilities

Casino du Liban has an enormous on location casino, which is generally buzzing with activity till the early hours. There are around four hundred slot machines, consisting of both traditional and modern designs, as well as around sixty game tables, including the expected roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Notable, however, are the casino’s dedicated poker rooms which are as popular as some sites rated for AU players here. Since the casino is well known for holding regular poker tournaments, which draw the attention of professional players from around the world, there is a special focus on poker in the casino. Dedicated sections allow these professional players to square off against each other and get in practice before tournaments, while, when tournaments are in progress, these same rooms house the various official games. If you would like more information on the poker tournaments, and perhaps would like to participate, visit the appropriate page of the casino website.

Poker Tournaments

The regular poker tournaments, that are a popular occurrence at Casino du Liban, are the primary reason for many of the visiting guests. Offering substantial prize money, the tournaments are attended by many, and fiercely contested. The tournaments are generally populated by professional players, but admittance is open to all guests of the hotel. If wanting to a attend a tournament, be sure to book your place in advance, and have the required entrance fee handy.

Entertainment Venues

Although firmly focused on gambling, Casino du Liban also has a live show venue for those who need a break from spinning the roulette wheel. A glamorous theatre features seasonal shows, often of the cabaret persuasion, and guests are as drawn to these shows as they are the poker tournaments. Many of the shows are award winning, and generally feature local talent from the surrounding areas. To see which show is currently showing, and to make a reservation, see the dedicated page on the casino website.

On Premises Dining

Casino du Liban has multiple dining facilities on the premises, offering a variety of dishes from around the world. In trying to keep to a high standard, many of the restaurants are renowned for having excellent service, and employing world class chefs. This means that visitors to the casino are not only in for surprising culinary treats, but also that one can expect restaurant prices to be above what is average. Be sure to make advance booking if wishing to eat at some of the more popular eating venues, as they are often booked to capacity weeks in advance. To learn more about the eating venues, and to get a look at the seasonal menus, please visit the appropriate page of the website.