Of the many variations of the casino card game Blackjack (also known as 21), one of the most increasingly popular is Multi-hand Blackjack. As the name suggests, this version of Blackjack allows multiple hands, rather than just one, making the game far more technical, exciting, and potentially rewarding, for Blackjack enthusiasts.

The Rules

The basic rules are generally the same as classic Blackjack, with the objective to have a sum of cards that are close, or equal, to twenty-one, without surpassing it. The values of the cards are the same, e.g. the court cards are worth 10, the Aces worth 1 or 11, and the rest according to their numbers. The players also compete against the dealer, who has a single hand, dealt with one card facing up.

The major difference comes at the start of the game where the player can choose up to five hands to play (some online casino games limit it to three).

Each of these hands can have different wagers and different strategies employed, and are played one by one, from the first to last, against the dealer’s single hand.

During each turn, players of land based or online casino gambling can increase their wagers, and/or play it safe, according to the strength of their individual hands.

Once all of the hands are dealt, and the bets are made, the dealer plays their hand as usual, though against each of the players multiple hands, losing or winning accordingly. The player will likewise be paid out for each winning hand.

Casino Multi-Hand Blackjack Tips

Tips and Strategies

  • The best strategies for the classic game also apply to Multi-hand Blackjack. These include hitting on a “soft” 17, taking insurance in case the dealer draws 21, splitting on eg. two court cards or Aces and avoiding betting large amounts to make up for loses.
  • With multiple hands, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that, while having multiple hands can pay more, they can also cause one to lose. This makes it all the more necessary to avoid impulsive, reckless playing and betting.
  • It is recommended that the player treat each hand with different levels of caution and aggression, though with the intention of winning each as if they were the only hand.
  • Setting time limits for each hand/play is also recommended, especially if you are ahead. Remember, the house edge will affect the players loss ratio more and more over time.
  • Recording the results of each strategy employed is also a smart way to discover and refine the best strategies and plays for future games.

Offline and Online

Some casino may have differing rules in terms of the play and betting.

Land-based casinos, for instance, may only allow one player per table due to the space needed for multiple hands. Some casinos may also have rule to bet more than the minimum amount per additional hand, though this is uncommon. Games can also tend to be more hurried due to the longer time than usual that’s needed to play.

Online casinos, however, can provide a far more relaxed playing environment and experience, where players can play, and devise strategies, at their own pace.