The history of Lotteries definitely goes back a long way. The first cash prize games were probably played in 16th-century Florence. These were called the Lot of Florence, or the Lotto di Firenze in Italian, and the name stuck as it spread around the rest of Italy and then Europe. Lotteries were taken to America with the Pioneers, and today they are played all over the world. The games have a long tradition of rewarding individuals and using funds for worthwhile public works projects, so they actually benefit everyone. Land-based games are as popular as ever, but new Lottery opportunities are also possible thanks to online technology.

A Wide Range of Choices

In essence, a Lottery game involves a set of numbers being drawn from a pool. Players hold tickets that have an equal amount of digits on them as the winning set, and they check theirs against the ones that were drawn. If the numbers on a ticket match the winning series, huge amounts of cash can be paid out. If there are some numbers on the ticket than correspond, but not the full set, smaller rewards are given. The actual amounts are determined by the size of the prize pool and the number of winning tickets.

Players have access to many more of these games in 1 place when playing from a desktop or mobile device rather than from a land-based agent, and many other types of Lottery-based games as well. Scratch Cards, for example, provide an opportunity for instant wins, and offshoots of the main draw are also easy to play. These include raffle games of all the tickets issued for the central draw. New Lottery ideas are often introduced online, so players should keep a lookout for innovations.

Other Online Advantages

In addition to the convenience and bigger selection of games, the range of new Lottery options available to the online player has other benefits. The Bonuses that online Lotto sites offer, to entice new players and keep those that they have from being tempted by their competitors, are a main attraction for many people like Canadian players get attracted with bonus offers. Players can subscribe to Lottery games online as well, so that they never have to worry about forgetting to enter. It’s also possible for players to play other games at the same site that they buy Lottery tickets from, including Blackjack, Roulette and Slots, which keeps things more entertaining.

Internet Lotteries

Careful Considerations

Having so many options so readily available means online players should be prudent when deciding on new Lottery sites to use. The best way to go about this is to find some online review sites and chatrooms that are appealing and trustworthy. Players can read through what they recommend or what they say about an interesting potential site or game, and then decide which to try out for themselves. The bonuses offered, types of side games available, payout records and Customer Support channels should all be prudently weighed up before players put any money down on tickets.